Hyundai dispatches letter about Alabama immigration law protests - Montgomery Alabama news.

Hyundai warns dealers of possible protests

File Photo: Assembly line at Hyundai's Montgomery auto plant. File Photo: Assembly line at Hyundai's Montgomery auto plant.

One of Alabama's largest foreign owned manufacturing companies, Hyundai, has sent a letter to all Hyundai vehicle dealerships in the United States warning them there might be protests at dealerships concerning Alabama's new immigration law.

The letter from Hyundai vice president of national sales, Dave Zuchowski, said the company had learned that various groups plan demonstrations at Hyundai dealerships and at dealerships of other foreign-owned car companies.

The letter goes on to defend Hyundai's record when it comes to human rights and civil rights.

The Alabama Legislature last year passed a law that has been called the toughest crackdown on illegal immigration in the country.

In a separate statement, officials with the South Korean company said the power to change the immigration law rests with the Alabama Legislature.

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