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Montgomery Detention Facility Needs Correctional Officers

It's a job that takes the right person: being a Montgomery County Detention Facility correctional officer.

"A lot of times people are not attracted because they look at our job, what it entails and the things we have to do," Montgomery County Detention Facility Deputy Sheriff Derrick Cunningham said.

Currently there are 160 correctional officers at the county jail, 29 more are needed.

"This is a critical need for us; the manpower shortage, manpower level. It's a very critical need for us," Robinson said.

Jail officials say these vacancies are draining the overtime budget for the year as current correctional officers are having to make up for the shortage.

"All three shifts are short. I had $150,000 for overtime and we've tapped into that so hard now, I think we're already $80,000 over," Robinson said.

Detention facility director Wanda Robinson says the increase in vacancies started when the new addition opened three years ago.

"We have what we need to run the facility but I still need more people," Robinson said.

The reason: retirements and poor applicant pools.

Robinson says of the 175 people tested, only four successfully qualified, passing the credit and background checks.

"So that's why we lowered our age down to 19," Cunningham said.

Looking for qualified professionals who can stay the course.

Starting pay is $29,000 a year. You can qualify with high school diploma or G.E.D.

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