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Ove Glove - "Does it Work?"

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Have you ever rushed to get a hot pan from the oven to table with a flimsy oven mitt? Well, the Ove Glove may solve that problem and buy you some extra time.

The beefed up oven mitt is made of Kevlar and Nomex, the same stuff firefighters wear.  The layered glove is designed to slow heat from making it to your hand, allowing you to hang onto hot items longer.  The five finger design affords flexibility and the non-slip silicone grip allows a better grasp.  It can be used for both right and left hands and claims to withstand heat up to 540°F.

With the oven heated to 450°F, I place a cake pan in the oven to heat for about 10 minutes.  While the pan heats, I read over the Ove Glove notes.  It's not water proof, nor can you use it when wet since it may reduce its effectiveness to hold back the heat.  Also, the moisture may create steam when in contact with heat which may cause burns.

With the pan well heated, I use the Ove Glove to take it out of the oven.  With a timer rolling my hand slowly warms inside the glove, but it takes over a minute and a half before I begin to feel uncomfortable form the heat.  Now I compare this to a standard hot pad to remove a heated cookie tray and I can only hold the tray for 25 seconds.  The Ove Glove definitely wins this battle.

It also boasts use to remove a hot light bulb.  Sure enough, I unscrew the hot bulb with no trouble or burns.  Next, I place my bare and Ove Gloved hands over a hot grill.  After 20 seconds, it's too hot for the bare hand, but I can withstand the heat in the Ove Glove for up to a minute.

This special glove claims to be flame resistant too.  I take off the glove off for this test.  To be flame resistant, the Ove Glove can't burn or melt when a flame is set to it.  In our test, it singes a bit but never catches fire or melts.

So the Ove Glove can handle the heat of our tests, supporting a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The Ove Glove cost us $10 at a local retailer.

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