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New Recycling Facility in the works


This agreement will reduce the amount of garbage going to the landfill, save the city money and help with the city's effort to stay green.

"It was costing us a million dollars and unfortunately only 25% of those bags ever made it to recycling; not because we didn't want to, we just didn't have the capacity. This really does put us back in the green arena being able to recycle up to 95% of our waste," Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange said.

This is the first time for such a high recycling percentage because of a new technology and a new recycling facility that's expected to be up and running in the next two years.

"It was sort of good timing for us. And a good timing for the city," Imperium Companies President Kyle Mowitz said.

In the past with curbside recycling pickup, you had to use those orange bags for certain items. Until the plant is operational you'll still have to separate your recyclables and take them to one of these large containers stationed around town. When the plant is running, it all goes into the big green cans and hauled to the new facility where 95% of it will be recycled, only the remaining 5% will go into the landfill.

"And in addition to that you are bringing valuable industry and jobs to the city. This facility we will look to employ about 20-25 people permanently," Mowitz said.

Officials say this recycling center will be the only Imperium companies facility in the U.S.; the other two are in France and Belgium.

And in case your wondering, the curbside recycling will not increase your garbage rates.

Here's an interesting fact: the new facility will have the capacity to recycle up to 210,000 tons a year, far more than the city currently generates.

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