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Furniture Fix - "Does it Work?"

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Do you have a saggy sofa that you plan to toss soon?  Do you want to breathe new life into your favorite chair?  We'll Furniture Fix claims to "Lift up and fix your sagging upholstery."  We put it to the test.

What's the box filled with?  Interlocking, ridged plastic slats.  Each slat is about 4" wide and 19" long.  The long edges slide together to form a stiff board; designed to sit under your couch or chair cushions.  Staggering the slats affords expansion up to 28" for deeper couches.

Melissa McKinney has a somewhat saggy couch, so she agrees to help us with the test.  She says, "I'm interested to see, you know, if it does work because I think it could.  Very well.  I don't know if you would notice it or not. "

So she assembles all six pieces to form a long board of slats.  She slides it under the cushion on the left side of her couch.  To compare the feel, she sits on the middle cushion first and then moves to the left with the Furniture Fix.

"I do notice a difference.  I actually do.  This cushion was a lot more slouchy than this one.  And typically, this one is a lot more slouchy," says Melissa referring to the support added by the Furniture Fix on her left sofa cushion.

She knows her couch well and can tell it's under there but would others be able to tell?

She adds, "I don't think anyone who didn't know it was there would notice it."

She moves it to the middle cushion and tries the staggered approach to see if it has enough support on its own.  Sure enough, she sits without the sag!

"I thought it was very easy to put together," Melissa continues, "It looks like it would be a quick fix if you need something like that.  I might not recommend it for a couch that's really saggy, but then again it might be worth trying."

We have to note that in order to Furniture Fix the entire couch, she needs two more sets to get the full width.  It claims use on beds too with up to six sets for a King.  But for today's test, Melissa is surprisingly happy with her results on only one cushion.

"If someone else came to me and said 'Hey, my cushions are sagging really bad,' I might say, 'Well try the Furniture Fix.'  It's definitely worth a shot."

So, the Furniture Fix supports the weight of a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The six pack Furniture Fix, which covers the size of one standard cushion, cost us $15 at a local business.

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