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New Montgomery Co. Emergency Call Boxes


Matthews resident Mary Francis Bruce is testing out the new Montgomery County emergency call box.

"Well I think that's a good idea because sometimes you are just too rattled to get your phone out and with that you just have to get to it and press the button so that would be very helpful," Bruce said.

It sits right outside of the Pike Road Town of three boxes that were recently placed in traffic heavy areas near the sheriff sub-stations throughout the county.

"We got one down in Ramer, at our substation in Ramer. We have one in our K-9 facility located off of 331," Montgomery County Deputy Sheriff Derrick Cunningham said.

With a push of a button, dispatch is readily available to assist you in an emergency.

"I don't care what the case may be: you may be fleeing a domestic situation and need to get away real quick; we got a call box. You can come push that button. It may be a fire. It could be anything, push the call box and we got somebody talking to you," Cunningham said.

Bruce says safety is always a concern in rural areas because you're so far away from everything.

"I live like 15 miles down a country road and no matter what time we come home the road is always traffic heavy. So if they had these out in really rural areas I think they would be helpful," Bruce said.

Cunningham says soon you will see signs on the roadway, leading you to these emergency call boxes. So remember to look for the brown box with the blue light, and press the red button for help.

Cunningham says more boxes are on the way. County crews are in the process of putting a box at the Sikes and Kohn's Country Mall and in the Bridlebrook area.

He says a homeland security grant paid for these emergency boxes.

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