Editorial: Tax Holiday

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - last week Governor Bentley announced legislation calling for an annual sales tax holiday on items related to severe weather preparedness.  Common supplies that every home or business might need during and after severe weather would be exempt from the 4% state sales tax as long as the item cost no more than $60 and in the case of generators -$1000 or less.

If the legislation is passed in the House and Senate – and we hope it is - Alabamians would be able to purchase items such as batteries, flashlights, gas containers, coolers and first aid kits - tax free.

In order for local governments to participate in the first proposed tax free holiday weekend (April 27th though the 29th), the Alabama Legislature would have to enact the bill and the governor sign it into law before March 27.  This is the deadline for local governments to notify the state that they will participate in the tax holiday.

State EMA Director Art Faulkner said it best when he stated, "It's great to give people an incentive to be proactive."  Taking it a step further- it's great to be in a state that is willing  to proactively incentivize products that will help save lives.

We appreciate and encourage your feedback.