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Ala. two-year college chancellor resigns

Dr. Freida Hill Dr. Freida Hill

The Alabama Board of Education will soon start its search for a new two-year college chancellor following Freida Hill's resignation.

For months, she and the board of education have had trouble seeing eye to eye.

On a 7-2 vote the state school board accepted Dr. Hill's resignation.

It comes on the heels of several board members' unfavorable evaluations of the chancellor's performance.

"It was obvious to Dr. Hill and to myself that there were some board members that apparently wanted to go in another direction," says Hill's attorney Spud Seale.

Hill's contract was set to expire November 30th. The board agreed to pay her $290,000 dollar salary until then.

Governor Bentley says despite board member dissatisfaction, he was pleased with Hill's work.

"She has done a very good job with what I've asked her to do and that's work force development."

Dr. Hill's attorney says this has been a difficult process for his client, but he says she wants what's best for the state of Alabama.

"We certainly pray that it's worked out for the best."

School board members say they're thankful for Hill's service and are now starting the process of finding her replacement.

Dr. Hill's total compensation totaled $318,000 dollars, plus expenses and a state car. The board voted to appoint Dr. Susan Price as a temporary interim. 

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