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Court puts two more parts of Ala's immigration law on hold

Hello from the WSFA 12 Newsroom...

Alabama's tough new immigration law took another legal blow today when the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily blocked two more sections of the law.  We'll tell you what this means for enforcement of the statute.

People reenacting the Selma to Montgomery voting rights march were joined by people who came to protest the state's immigration law.  We'll talk with some of them about the correlation between the two issues.

We're five days away from the state's primary election.  Now that the race for the GOP nomination for president is so close, Alabama and Mississippi are feeling a little love from the top candidates.  We'll check in with Rick Santorum who talked about one specific area that needs improvement in our state.

Even though he's not a candidate for president anymore, Herman Cain is in town campaigning for a fellow Republican candidate in a statewide race. He's on a tour to try to help a candidate for the PSC win election.

And, your soggy weekend may not be as soggy as we first thought.  Jeff Jumper (and yes, that's his real name) will tell us more about the rain chances for Saturday and Sunday...which are down significantly!

Hope you'll joins us.  I'll see you on the set at 10.

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