Activists rally against Alabama law - Montgomery Alabama news.

Activists rally against Alabama law


"Unite and fight! Unite and fight!"

Perhaps it's a fitting slogan for hundreds of civil rights activists and immigration law opposers as the two groups rally together calling on lawmakers to repeal Alabama's new immigration law.

The groups have been walking side by side all week as part of the Selma to Montgomery march re-enactment--focusing less on the civil rights movement of the 1960s and more on the immigration law.

"I'm here to support, to fight against the HB 56 law," says Maria Ceja.

Ceja wants the law repealed. She believes pairing with civil rights leaders helps.

"I think they have that experience, they've lived it, and they know what to do to make it happen," she says.

"There's only been an identification of a new issue for us. We've always known there was unity," says Mary Carstarphen.

She is glad to stand-up for those affected by the immigration law.

She says the struggles African Americans faced nearly 50 years ago serve as an example for others.

"People know that we are united in an effort to ensure freedom and the exercise of every legal right for every American."

The rally is followed by the final leg of the Selma to Montgomery march. Marchers will hold another rally at the capitol steps once they arrive.

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