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AG Strange warns against e-bingo


With the threat of imprisonment from the gambling corruption retrial behind him, acquitted defendant Milton McGregor announced Thursday he'll restart operations at Victoryland in Macon County in the near future. It took a little more than a day for the state's Attorney General to respond.

Attorney General Luther Strange's office sent out a notice warning against any facility that may want to include electronic-bingo machines in their business plans. Stating that the AG's office "will not allow the State of Alabama to spiral back into the gambling problems of the past," Strange said the machines are illegal under state law and will not be tolerated. 

McGregor said in an interview that the machines will be part of his reopening plan and that he believes they are legal. He says Macon County voted on and approved an amendment that allows such machines in that county by a more than 75 percent margin.

"This is not about whether I believe gambling is good or bad," said Strange.  "This is about the rule of law, pure and simple. When the Alabama Supreme Court makes a ruling, it is my job and my duty to uphold the rule of law.

The move could ultimately create a standoff with the state, again. McGregor voluntarily shut down his facility in August of 2010 under threat of a potential raid by then Governor Bob Riley's Task Force on Illegal Gambling.

McGregor has not given a firm date on when Victoryland will reopen, but he said he's hoping it will happen within the next year.

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