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Undecided voters running out of time before primary


According to a new poll from Alabama State University nearly 30% of likely Republican voters are still undecided.

The poll surveyed more than 400 Republicans to see which presidential candidate would get their vote.

Newt Gingrich took the lead at more than 20%, followed by Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.

A poll from the Capital Survey Research Center has Mitt Romney in the lead, followed by Gingrich and Santorum. 

While time will only tell how these men do in our state Tuesday night, voters are running out of time to pick their favorite.

"They're close in their platforms," says voter Vicki Hillman.

The candidates have each picked up multiple delegates from recent primaries.

While Mitt Romney is in the lead, many expect Newt Gingrich to finish strong in Alabama and Mississippi, since he is from the south. But they'll all have to convince folks like Hillman to vote for them.

"At this point I'm really really close. I'm not sure who I will vote for though."

Hillman is one of handfuls of voters who are still undecided. The question now...will those people even show up to the polls?

"I think they're [the candidates] so close...several of them...that they are confused, they're maybe apathetic about it," says Hillman. 

The last three presidential primaries have seen varying amounts of voter turnout.

In 2000, 20% of Alabama's registered voters hit the polls.

In 2004--17%. 

In 2008--42%--the year President Barack Obama was elected.

And while many say they're still not sure who will get their vote, they'll know come Tuesday.

"I will definitely be looking over the ballot and checking things out and making sure I make the right decision," says voter Judy Graham.

Alabama and Mississippi are both holding their primaries Tuesday. The candidates are anxious to win the two states since they would bring a combined total of 90 delegates.

The Gingrich campaign says if he doesn't win both states, he will likely be out of the presidential race.

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