Decision 2012 - The Alabama Vote - last minute campaigning... - Montgomery Alabama news.

Decision 2012 - The Alabama Vote - last minute campaigning...

Welcome to "WSFA 12 News Decision 2012 - The Alabama Vote:"

Thanks to moving up the primaries and to a tight Republican presidential campaign, Alabama finally gets a little attention from the candidates. Tonight we'll recap tonight's appearances by Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.  Which one will break through and capture the traditionally conservative Alabama voters? 

We'll also have part of Jennifer Oravet's interview with Mrs. Ann Romney who was on the ground in Alabama today campaigning for her husband.

And, tomorrow is not just about presidential candidates.  There are several statewide races we're covering - including the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, an Associate Justice, and PSC President.  There is a GOP race in the 7th Congressional District, too.  We'll have profiles of those candidates tonight at 10.

Our continuous coverage of the returns in Decision 2012 - The Alabama Vote begins at 8:30 tomorrow night on WSFA 12 News and on line at we'll be on Bounce TV, WSFA 12.2 during the News at 9.

Plus, we'll talk about politicians from far away who are coming to a small town in Alabama for a national economic conference.  That's right, a large delegation of Chinese businessmen, politicians and celebrities will be in Monroeville for the meeting that's designed to connect the Chinese with what the state has to offer in terms of manufacturing and other business opportunities.

Then we'll find out if this rainy weather's going to stick around much longer.

Hope you'll join us...tonight at 10.

I'll see you on the set.

Bob H.




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