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Mom: Daughter grabbed through bedroom window


"They came and tried to grab me and they put their right hand around my neck and tried to pull me out," 13-year-old Tierra Banks said.

It's an experience that still brings chills down her spine.

"Like I won't sleep by that window or any windows. I sleep with my mom," Banks said.

Banks says she ,along with her three brothers, were sleeping in their bedroom when a man opened the window.

"And then she yelled, mommy, mommy help me!" Banks' mother Pia Stewart recalled.

Stewart says had her daughter not screamed for her life, causing her to wake from her sleep, the situation might have been worse.

"I am very fearful of my life and my children's lives," Stewart said.

She says they recently moved from Indiana to The Villas at Eagle Landing Apartments in Montgomery. They were looking for a change of pace.

"It's very dangerous to me, I'm not used to this so I have to go back home to my comfort zone," Stewart said.

Police say it's one of four incidents that happened in the same complex and at another nearby.

"He actually may have touched the child, and the parent may have misinterpreted that he was trying to abduct the child, but that's not the case," Montgomery Police Captain Mark Drinkard said.

Stewart is outraged. She says police are downplaying the incident.

"I mean call it what it is. When you try to take someone out of a window, that's an abduction or an attempted abduction," Stewart demanded.

"But that's not the case from the information we received. The subject was trying to get into the apartment. He's in custody. But like I said we are not releasing any other information regarding that," Drinkard said.

Police say the suspect in custody has been charged. What charges he faces have not been made available yet.

MPD has not identified him publicly because investigators say photographic lineups are still taking place with one additional victim.

If you have any information about these incidents you are encouraged to call CrimeStoppers at 215-STOP.

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