Alabama's unemployment rate drops again - Montgomery Alabama news.

Alabama's unemployment rate drops again


Tom Surtees of the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations has announced that Alabama's unemployment rate dropped to 7.8% for the month of January, which is down from 8.0% in January.  A year ago, Alabama's unemployment rate was at 9.3%.

"I am happy to see this positive trend of our unemployment rate falling month after month continue," said Surtees. "However, I want to remind everyone that there are still over 160,000 Alabamians out there who want a job and don't have one. Others have left the work force. The point is, we are still not where we need to be, and job growth and creation need to remain our top priority."

Governor Robert Bentley agrees. "It is encouraging to see our unemployment level drop to its lowest point in more than three years.  Still, we must continue to make sure everyone who wants a job is able to find one. We will continue our efforts to create new jobs and to help retain the employers we have here in Alabama."

Counties with the lowest unemployment rates were: Shelby County at 5.8%, Coffee County at 6.8%, and Lee County at 6.9%.

Counties with the highest unemployment rates were: Wilcox County at 17.2%, Lowndes County at 16.6%, and Dallas County at 14.6%.

Director Surtees also says that unemployment compensation claims and benefit payments are near pre-recession levels.  These statistics point to a recovering economy.

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