Lowndes County Teacher is a Class Act

For more than two decades, Charlie Douglass' watchful eyes have seen to it that students in Lowndes County are ready for the future. At the Lowndes County Career Technical Center (LCCTC), they're already putting their knowledge to good use. Dale Braxton, director of LCCTC says, "very seldom do we have to call in a technician for computer repair work here. Because Mr. Douglass and his CISCO class is doing it all for us here for nothing."

That should make taxpayers happy, what gives Douglass joy is when his former students come back and tell him how successful they are. Whether current students are removing old wires now that fiber optics are in place or doing technical work at schools across the county, Douglass works to equip them for a bright future. "In my last class over 90 percent went to college; four year college. I think one went to the military. One went to technical school," says Douglass.

He was eligible to retire last year, but pushed it back after promising a group of students he'd wait for them to graduate first.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell