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CR 12 Prattville Barber - Lifetime of Cuts


For Prattville resident Frank Lee, it was a dream come true.  And there's quite a story to go along with his fairytale ending.   It all started when he was 18 years old getting a haircut.  "I said that looks pretty easy, I can do that," Lee said.  

Not long after that Mr. Lee went off to serve his country in the military and he got pretty good with the clippers.  When he came home he got his license to be a barber and worked at a prominent store on Dexter Avenue in downtown Montgomery.    Some well know faces sat in his chair.   "Governor Wallace, mayors from Montgomery, Senator Bill Dickerson who was in office for so long."

But business in the capital city slowed because of downtown construction, and that gave Lee an idea.   He lived in Prattville and had already been cutting hair on the side.  He decided to take a two week break and see how much business he could get on his own.  He never returned to that shop in downtown Montgomery.   His dream was to one day own his own shop.   "I told the Lord if you get me my own shop I will use it for your glory."

So just about 20 yards away from his home he built his own barber shop.   And the customers came from all over.    "Sometimes when I woke up in the morning they'd be lined up down the road.  People came from Clanton, Autaugaville, Marbry, Wetumpka, all over."   And he enjoyed the conversation as much as the cuts.  "It's really more than just being a barber.  It's a good place to meet all kinds of people, a cross roads of all kinds of people have to get haircuts."

For 20 plus years community leaders and regular folks filled his shop, trading stories and smiles.  In the late 80's Mr. Lee had to retire because of health problems but his kids begged him to keep the old shop standing.  So there it sits next to his home.   All his old hair cutting tools, a barber chair, and plenty of pictures to take you back in time.  

I had to ask him, who cuts his hair now.  It must run in the family.  He says his daughter keeps his hair looking nice but she has no interest in working as a barber.    

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