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Perfect Meatloaf Pan Set - "Does it Work?"

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If you struggle to make a meatloaf that stays together, or you are just tired of it sitting in all that grease, then the Perfect Meatloaf Pan Set may be for you, if it delivers as promised.  It's a two piece pan set designed to elevate your meatloaf allowing the grease to drip below.

The pan is deep and non-stick.  A metal aerated tray sits in the pan, allowing for the grease to drip through the holes and collect in the bottom of the pan as the meatloaf cooks.

The cool part about the Perfect Meatloaf Pan Set is that you can use your favorite meatloaf recipe as you normally would.  There are a few recipe ideas that come with the provided book too.  I use my favorite meatloaf recipe for this test.

Once I mix meatloaf together, I mold it and place it in the pan set which I sprayed with some cooking spray first.  Since I use only one pound of meatloaf mixture, there's plenty of space left in the pan.  I place it in the oven to cook for an hour to see if it cooks the perfect meatloaf.

I check at 45 minutes and it's doing well.  After an hour, it looks perfect.  I remove it from the over and let it cool for a few minutes in the pan.

I lift the tray out of the pan and slide the cooked meatloaf off the tray onto my plate.  This was very easy.  A slice down the center shows that the meat is cooked thoroughly too.  The meatloaf isn't greasy either.  All the drippings collected in the pan as promised rather than around the meat. 

A taste test is in order.  It's moist and tastes nearly perfect as it would in a normal pan.  There's no greasy taste and it feels a bit lighter too.   The pan and tray are easy to clean, and are dishwasher safe too!

So, the Perfect Meatloaf Pan Set cooks up a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The Perfect Meatloaf set cost us $15 at a local business.

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