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Economic summit puts Monroeville in spotlight


Known at the Literary Capital of Alabama for decades, the small town of Monroeville in south Alabama is about to host an economic summit that could mark the birthplace of a major China/Alabama initiative.

The plan, initially thought to be an intimate event, has ballooned into a major international convention. Some 300 senior executives & officials, nearly half traveling from China, are registered to attend the event.

"What was already being billed as a very big event for Monroeville has quickly evolved into a very huge event, involving some of the world's most prominent  business leaders, entertainers and economists.  In one week, hundreds of Chinese and American business executives will arrive in Monroeville to participate in the first Alabama-China Partnership Symposium" says CEO of the Alabama China Partnership, Raymond Cheng. 

Over 60 speakers will initiate networking and communication between the two cultures.  

Speakers will be traveling from around the globe to be a part of this ground breaking event. CEO's of multi-billion dollar companies, Rolex award winners, White House officials and both National and State Political leaders are on their way to Monroeville.

China executives  might even hear a "Roll Tide" during the event. Coach Gene Stallings will deliver his inspirational keynote. "War Eagle" will most likely be heard as well. Alabama Speaker of the House, Mike Hubbard (R-Auburn) will also be in attendance. Governor Robert Bentley will also speake on Thursday.

Monroeville, famous for its native son and daughter - short story writer Truman Capote and Harper Lee, author of Pulitzer Prize winning novel To Kill a Mockingbird - will soon be in focus as the "no holds barred" forum for both Alabama and China leaders and business executives  who aim to bring cultures together. Each will collaborate together, seek to inspire change and work to bridge gaps between the two super powers.

"This is the beginning of a relationship with China and Monroeville that will go on for many years"", says Cheng.  Raymond Cheng is also CEO of the SoZo group which is organizing the event along with help from George Landegger, chairman of Parson & Whittemore, the city of Monroeville, Monroe County and the Monroeville County Economic Development Authority and Southeast Regional Development Center.  

The people of Monroeville have already started welcoming the international guests by hanging welcome signs all over the city in Chinese, cooking southern desserts for the Symposium and printing their local paper in both English and Chinese. 

"The people of Monroeville understand the strength in diversity and welcome new people and ideas to our community. The city of Monroeville looks forward with excitement to forming a lasting friendship with the people of China.  I am grateful that our city has the opportunity.  Our community welcomes the Chinese people with open arms." says Monroeville Mayor Mike Kennedy.

The Alabama China Partnerhsip Symposium will be held on the Alabama Southern Community College Campus, in Monroeville, Alabama:  March 15th & 16th. 8am -5pm on the 15th and 8am-1pm on the 16th. 

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Monroeville is the county seat of Monroe County, Alabama located in south Alabama. It has a population of 6,800 people according to the 2000 census. The city is the home town of two very prominent writers: 1.) More>>

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