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Only one statewide runoff election set for April 24 voting

Thanks to all of you who stayed up with us last night during our continuous primary election coverage last night!  We appreciate you.

Tonight, we pick up where we left off in one Republican race - the President of the Public Service Commission.  Twinkle Cavanaugh came up about 5,500 votes short of winning without a runoff. That means there will be only one statewide race on the April 24th runoff ballot.  And wait until you hear how much it's going to cost taxpayers.

He's back...Former Chief Justice Roy Moore is a step closer to holding that office again - winning without a runoff against two other candidates who outspent him 8 to 1.  Tonight he talks about his strategy.

The town of Monroeville hasn't had this much attention since the filming of "To Kill A Mockingbird."  Hundreds of Chinese business owners and even celebrities are coming to Monroeville for an economic summit.  We'll find out why the state thinks this could mean more jobs for Alabama workers.

All of this, a warm forecast and sports, too....tonight at 10.

I'll see you on the set.

Bob H.

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