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State leaders hope partnership brings jobs to Alabama


60 Chinese companies are represented in the first Alabama-China Partnership conference.

"This is gonna be really a significant meeting," says Governor Robert Bentley.

"It's an incredible opportunity with incredible response," adds Director of the Alabama Development Office, Greg Canfield.

All eyes are on economic development.

"So that they can create jobs and capital investment in Alabama," adds Canfield.

The goal--show Chinese executives how to grow their businesses here.

"We're trying to encourage companies to come to rural areas of the state," says Bentley.

Canfield believes it's a win-win for Alabamians and the Chinese--helping their businesses succeed while bringing much needed jobs our way.

"Manufacturing for products from Chinese companies could be manufactured right here at home," adds Canfield.

State development leaders identified 11 types of industry they want to attract to Alabama.

Canfield says these Chinese companies satisfy them.

"Forest products to aerospace to automotive, specialty chemicals."

Canfield says China is our state's second largest export market. Many Chinese companies are already looking for areas in North America to expand.

He wants to send a loud message to them--Alabama is the place to do it.

Governor Bentley says the Alabama-Chinese partnership is already proving fruitful in a new business coming to Wilcox county.

Golden Dragon Copper will build a $100 million dollar plant there.

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