London/Montgomery officials Skype - Montgomery Alabama news.

London/Montgomery officials Skype


An historic video Skype conference between London, England officials and Montgomery city officials and those connected with the civil rights movement in Montgomery.

Remembering the past, the movement, the Montgomery bus boycott.

"We could not ride the bus, they were saying it was a boycott," Montgomery resident Barbara Howard said.

And sharing it all through Skype with London Sheriff Mead, representatives from the Lord Mayor's office and community leaders.

"And working toward multi-culturalism and civil rights in this country and worldwide for everyone," London Sheriff Mead said.

Those involved in the Montgomery bus boycott, along with represenatives from various city entities, Troy University, and Montgomery schools reflected on the present and progress in Montgomery since the boycott.

Brenda Mitchell is the Chief of Staff for Montgomery police, a position she says would have been impossible in 1955.

"Giving people of color a chance to strive and achieve different positions in the department," Mitchell said.

An in effort to bridge two parts of the world together for the cause.

This historic Skype conference is a part of a documentary that will be featured this summer at the Olympics.

London representatives will visit Montgomery next month to tour and take photos of the museum and other civil rights landmarks to feature in that documentary.

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