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Bad News for State Workers


It's not the way some state employees wanted to start their Friday. They learned they could see their pay cut by as much as seven and a half percent because of anticipated budge cuts. Some 300 employees with the State's Agriculture Department could be impacted.

The Alabama Supreme Court has tossed out a settlement over the state's prepaid affordable college tuition (PACT) program, and it paves the way for families to get full rather than partial tuition. Some feel if the ruling stands it will likely bankrupt PACT. Our Sally Pitts will tell us what it means for students.

We'll tell you how a conference in Monroeville, between Chinese and Alabama officials, is doing more than just fueling the economy. It's also impacting young students. 

And, some of the top fisherman in the country are in Alabama this weekend for the state's Crappie Masters Tournament and a chance to reel in some big bucks. 

Join us for these stories plus weather and sports tonight at five and six on WSFA 12 News. 

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