How will proration impact you? - Montgomery Alabama news.

How will proration impact you?

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley

You've probably heard about Governor Bentley's decision to prorate the state's general fund budget. But what will the cuts mean to you and your family? At 6:00, WSFA 12 News Reporter Max Reiss looks at the possibilities at various state agencies, including the state health department, which assists thousands of Alabamians.

Also at 6:00, some unlikely allies are coming together to support job creation in Alabama. The state legislature is joining with a former AFL-CIO president to build the 'JobKeeper Alliance.'

Did you miss winter this year? Meteorologist Rich Thomas says the warm weather is here to stay. Today at 5:00, we'll look back at this year's unusual winter and the reasons behind it.

And don't forget First at 4:00 -- your chance to get an early look at the day's news and weather, plus live traffic reports from Andi Scott.

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