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Debris litters section of Lagoon Park

Baseballs, softballs and other debris are all around the old Gunter Lagoon, and up until now, according to one park user, no one's cleaning it up. The area that's used for fishing is a joint project between the city and the state and that may be part of the problem. 

Most of the debris is in the area between the Lagoon Park Golf Course and the North East Boulevard.    

Bob Stringer, who've fished in the park for years, called WSFA 12 News upset about the trash and debris in the lagoon.  He said the trash is flowing downstream from the athletic fields at the park.

"It's process of elimination," Stringer said.  "The only person up there with all Styrofoam cups like that with baseball with softballs with tennis balls is the ball field."

Stringer said he's complained about the issue for years.  And he was told that even though it's is a city park, the water itself belongs to the state Wildlife and Fisheries Division. 

"The city people all say the same thing, it's the state's water they all have to take care of it," Stringer said.  "I talked to someone with the state and they say it's the city's trash, they have to take care of it.  It's just one big runaround."

Stringer said he's not only worried about the trash, but also the algae and the weeds in the Lagoon.  And he's worried that because of it, the lagoon may not be here much longer.

WSFA 12 News showed Mayor Strange pictures of the debris in the lagoon and told him what stringer believes is at the heart of why it hasn't cleaned up.  He said the city has worked with the state on other issues in the past and may need to do so again.

"We had a situation where there were some culverts, it was flooding and the citizens were calling," the Mayor said.  "Was it the city or was it the state?  The way to solve that is to get both of them on the scene at the same time.  And if that's what we need to do in this case, we'll do that and get it fixed."

WSFA 12 News is working to find out more information, and we'll let you know if the situation is resolved.

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