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Rounding up snakes for Opp's Rattlesnake Rodeo

We started our hunt about a mile outside the city limits of Opp.  these handlers knew exactly where to look.

Snake handler Chuck Brooks points out, "you see this edge where snakes crawled in it or out."

"That's the width of the snake right there. You can hear the snake by listening."

And after looking in several holes, they finally heard that familiar sound.

"We got a hole over here, Don."

Don Childre explains how they get the snakes. "They put a hook on the end of the hose when we find a snake we use that to pull him out with." 

"Here comes the snake out, you got one at the edge of the hole."

The snake came slithering out.  I kept a safe distance, but these guys knew exactly what they were doing.

"Looks like they successfully got one out of one of the snake holes.  They're putting her in the box to take her back.  I think I'm going to stay a little further away now."

She'll join the nearly 40 other rattlesnakes for this weekend's rodeo.  We were lucky we found a snake.  This year's warm winter, not the best environment for hunting snakes. 

Chuck Brooks told us, "not a lot of cold weather this year.  The snakes stayed out a lot more.  One of the bigger snakes we caught earlier this year was January first."

But they say they have plenty for this weekend's rodeo.  They'll be on display for the crowds, even participating in some contests.


It's what tourism sounds like for the city of Opp.

"We raise a lot of money with that, with the concerts and the radios and the snakes and everything.  It means a lot to me to help the public."

"We've put better than 20 thousand people in Opp for a couple of days and the restaurants,"  said Don Childre, City of Opp Planning Director.  "You can't book a hotel room in this vicinity any more, they've been booked up for a while.  So it brings in a lot of money and a lot of people to Opp,"

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