City vows better clean-up of Lagoon Park - Montgomery Alabama news.

City vows better clean-up of Lagoon Park


Officials with the City of Montgomery said they'll do a better job keeping a section of Lagoon Park clean.

WSFA 12 News cameras found trash and other debris in the fishing area of the park.  One frequent user believes most of the trash is flowing downstream from the athletic fields at the park and other areas. 

City officials told WSFA 12 News they sent an inmate crew to begin picking up the trash in the area, and our cameras found a good chunk of the trash had been picked up. 

"The heavy rains we've had have raised it where the water is spread out a little more where it's just hard to get to," said Wiley Steen, the city's Director of Leisure Services.  "But we'll make a better effort to get it cleaned up.  It'll never be pristine, but we'll do our best to keep it clean."

Steen said the city will also step up a spraying program in conjunction with the state Department of Conservation to cut down on some of the algae that's spreading in the area.

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