Newspaper Holding Group moves to Montgomery - Montgomery Alabama news.

Newspaper Holding Group moves to Montgomery


Community Newspaper Holdings Incorporated, known as CNHI has completed its move to Montgomery.

Company President Donna Barrett and Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange are excited about the corporate headquarters being housed in the RSA building on Dexter Avenue.

"You know we have a course and a path that we are on that we are very excited about and very committed to and certainly Montgomery is our long term future," Barrett said.

The headquarters had been in Birmingham since 1998 until officials started making the transition to Montgomery in August.

The company started in 1997 and now owns 80 daily newspapers in 24 states as well as several weekly newspapers, magazines and speciality papers.

"We are a big believer in both print and digital media. We've had a lot of success in this space and are very excited about our future even with the transition and change happening in our business," Barrett said.

Barrett says the company has 4,000 employees. 70 will be housed here in the new corporate headquarters.

"It will have a bigger bang for our buck having a headquarters company in Montgomery," Strange said.

Mayor Strange says headquarter companies bring a lot of economic viability to the community.

"they're coming to Montgomery, Alabama, they're either going to fly here, drive here. They are going to stay in our hotel, eat in our restaurant. They're going to do business," Strange said.  

The president says CNHI will not be starting a newspaper publication in Montgomery nor will publications be distributed locally. The company does own two newspaper companies in Athens and Cullman.

Barrett says the headquarters will remain in Montgomery indefinitely.

The Retirement Systems of Alabama has been a major investor in CNHI since the company started in February 1997.

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