Lightning kills young boy in South Central Alabama... - Montgomery Alabama news.

Lightning kills young boy in South Central Alabama...

Butler County Sheriff Kenny Hardin confirms one of two young boys playing outside in a field has died after a lightning strike late this afternoon.  No names or ages have been released in the incident that happened in a rural part of the county.  We're continuing to follow up and will have the very latest tonight at 10.

Storm winds peeled back part of the roof at the Crump Senior Center on Congressman Dickinson Drive - not far from Garrett Coliseum in north Montgomery.  We'll take you inside for a look at the rain soaked carpet and piles of ceiling tiles that were sucked out of their frames and dumped on the floor.

Alabama's unemployment rate dipped two-tenths of a percent last month...the seventh consecutive month for a decrease. But one economist we talked with says there are other issues in play here.  We'll have more on the numbers and what's behind them - at 10.

Plus, she was named after the Greek goddess of youth - the cup bearer to the gods.  Ever heard of Hebe?  That's the woman at the top of the Court Street fountain in Montgomery and her watery home has just had a facelift. 

Hope you'll join us tonight at 10 for these stories and many more.

See you on the set.

Bob Howell


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