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Crump Center closed after storm sweeps through building


By the looks of the parking lot, you might think the Crump Senior Center had turned into a construction yard.

The minute city maintenance crews heard a strong storm destroyed parts of the roof and windows they were there--working to put it back together.

"The roof was gone. There was glass everywhere," says Sherron Miles, a dance instructor at the center. 

At times, rain continued to fall through the open ceiling--saturating the carpet in one of the meeting rooms.

It's the same place nearly 40 people were preparing for a rummage sale just minutes before the storm hit.

"I couldn't believe it. Really, I was shaken. I didn't know what to think, but I was just happy everybody was ok," adds Miles.

"I hung up and called 911 and told her I was watching it as I was talking to her," says eyewitness Catherine Youngblood.

Just across from the damaged Crump Center is ADEM, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management where Youngblood says she believes she saw a tornado rip through the parking lot.

"I could see the rotation and the rain was in the rotation. That's what defined the funnel shape. But it was see-through."

While authorities haven't confirmed if the storm was, in fact, a tornado, it wouldn't surprise folks at the center--given the extent of damage there.

"Very shocked that something like that could happen within 30-45 seconds," adds Miles.

For now, the senior center is closed while crews work to restore what an unexpected storm damaged.

The building belongs to the city and is leased to the Crump Center - which is expected to be closed until Tuesday at the earliest.

The center's rummage sale scheduled for this weekend has been postponed until further notice.

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