Construction Work Zone Safety Awareness Month - Montgomery Alabama news.

Construction Work Zone Safety Awareness Month


Construction work is an industry that is bouncing back. As more construction jobs are becoming available, ALDOT says drivers need to pay attention to work zones and workers, especially with all the projects going on around the River Region, like the Montgomery outer loop construction project on Pike Road.

"Always be aware and alert that the situation could change at anytime with construction equipment or construction workers," ALDOT Spokesperson Rebecca White said.

In Lee county in February, state troopers say a ford focus left 1-85 near Auburn and hit two construction zone workers in the median. One of them died.

"It's not anything caused by the worker or any of the contractors on the job, it's drivers simply not paying attention," White said.

Officials say ironically, those workers were putting up rail barriers to help prevent cross-median crashes, which are the most dangerous and fatal crashes.

"It's not only you in the construction zone, it's somebody's mom or dad who's working," White said.

In December of last year, a construction flag man in Troy was struck and killed while trying to stop traffic on a two lane highway.

"Driver's speeding, we have to change the way we drive in Alabama and nationwide," White said.

ALDOT officials are reminding drivers to slow down, obey the reduced speed limit signs and pay attention the road work ahead.

ALDOT wants safety to be on the minds of drivers especially this month. April is "Work Zone Safety Awareness" month.  The department will celebrate the last week in April.

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