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March sales "best month in Hyundai's history"


Hyundai Motor America, which operates a plant in Montgomery, Ala., is reporting all-time monthly sales records for March with reporting indicating sales up a brisk 13 percent from the previous year. More than 69,728 units were moved during the month, according to a company statement, up 15 percent over the first quarter of 2011. 

"March was the best month in Hyundai's history and capped the best first quarter we've ever recorded," said Dave Zuchowski, Hyundai Motor America's executive vice president of national sales. "Improving vehicle availability, particularly among our most fuel-efficient vehicles, Sonata, Elantra, Accent and Veloster, has fueled this record growth."

Overall retail sales through dealerships rose 33 percent over last March. Sales of Accent, Sonata and Elantra saw sales increases y-o-y of 28 percent, six percent and eight percent, respectively. Fleet mix remains low at 11 percent for the month.

"As Hyundai continues to offer more fuel-efficient vehicles, we are seeing more and more consumers in our showrooms, resulting in greater 40-mpg highway vehicle sales than ever before," said John Krafcik, president and CEO of Hyundai Motor America. "Our 40-mpg vehicle sales are up an astonishing 67.5 percent over last March."

CARLINE FEB/2012 FEB/2011 CY/2012 CY/2011
Accent 8,337 5,739 18,484 14,487
Sonata 23,281 22,894 55,195 51,878
Elantra 19,681 19,255 44,401 41,203
Santa Fe 5,853 5,701 14,535 14,392
Azera 128 199 159 522
Tucson 4,197 4,508 11,049 10,713
Veracruz 622 672 1,809 1,809
Veloster 3,848 N/A 8,781 N/A
Genesis 3,429 2,664 8,232 6,888
Equus 352 241 928 728
TOTAL 69,728 61,873 163,573 142,620

INFORMATION SOURCE: Hyundai Motors America

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