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Too fat? Too pretty? Celebrity looks stir national debate

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Jessica Simpson is drawing catty comments for packing on the pounds during her pregnancy.

British writer Samantha Brick is garnering international scorn after penning a column in the Daily Mail, a London tabloid, about how petty and mean women are to her because she's so pretty.

Slate published an article in which an OB/GYN said Simpson is "an absolute porker." View's Joy Behar eviscerated Simpson by saying, "The girl is fat." The Today Show had its professional experts weigh in and Dr. Nancy Snyderman twice declared, "She's pretty fat."

Experts who claim they are concerned about Simpson's health and that of her baby because of excessive weight gain focus more on her appearance than her actual health.

Brick has trended on Twitter and prompted an international discussion after her original essay and its follow up. Many have disputed her claiming, asserting she's not that attractive. She's also drawn criticism for her arrogance.

There Are Downsides to Looking This Pretty was the title of Brick's original article.

The Daily Mail reports that Brick refuses to concede that women's instant dislike of her is tied to her character or personality.

"This whole experience has proven my thesis," she said. "Women do not like attractive women. This is proven by the thousands of vile messages on my personal email account, on Twitter and on my telephone answer machine."

Novelist and journalist Anna Blundy wrote on the Huffington Post:

"I think it is because the Daily Mail confirms our worst fears and therefore seems like news. News is our worst fears confirmed - crime, earthquake, flood, explosion, war, famine. The Daily Mail is able to present misogyny as news because it appears to confirm our worst fears - people are judging me solely on my appearance and see me purely as an object of potential sexual violence. I am not seen as human. And it must be true because I read it in the Daily Mail."

To read Brick's original essay click here. To read her follow up essay, click here.

On the other hand, talk show host Keith Olbermann appeared on David Letterman this week to discuss his departure from Current TV. He was decidedly chunkier and had more chins than during his tenure at MSNBC, but his appearance didn't prompt any discussion about his weight on the morning talk shows. Instead, folks weighed in about the future of Current TV and Olbermann.

Why do so many people think it's fair game to comment on the looks of women in the public spotlight. Do you think discussions about celebrities looks are sexist? Tell us what you think on KCTV5's Facebook page. Click here.

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