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Fast Brite Lens Restore Kit - "Does it Work?"

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If you have trouble lighting the way home because your headlights are yellowed or covered in a haze, then keep reading.  The Fast Brite Lens Restore kit promises to return your headlight lenses to show room new in a matter of minutes.  That's if it works.

The two step system claims to work in only thirty seconds per light.  The package comes with a bottle of lens polish, a bottle of lens protectant, and a two sided sponge.

John Shryock travels much at night and wants to make his ride home a bit brighter.  His headlights have a faded film across the top that he's ready to clear up.  He reads the box to find there's no buffing or sanding required.  It claims ease of use and most importantly: to make driving at night safer.  It could bring your headlights back to show room bright in thirty seconds.

John says the firs instruction reads, "Pour a dime size amount of the lens polish on the yellow side of the pad."

John scrubs the headlight in circles for roughly thirty seconds until it feels smooth.  He then applies the lens protectant using the blue side of the pad, buffing until dry.

"This is definitely an improvement, but I don't know if it's going to make it look like it's straight out of the showroom," says John.

Next, Kim Brown has some foggy headlights she'd like to fix.  She too uses the Fast Brite to scrub her headlights and at first she notices some improvement.

"It seems like it's kind of clearing up a little bit and I applied it generously all over the light.  So, we'll see what happens with the next step."

She then applies the protectant with even more impressive results.

"I can definitely see a remarkable difference," states Kim.

But after the liquid dries the excitement fades.  The lens returns to nearly its same state before using the Fast Bite, with only a small improvement.

Both John and Kim let it ride for a few weeks to see how long this "restoration" holds up.  After about a month, we check back for our answers.

John says, "We're back to the same old headlights..."

Kim adds, "Now it looks the same as it was before."

The only clear part of our Fast Brite experience is the NO it earns for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  We grabbed the Fast Brite Lens Restore kit for $10 at a local business.

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