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Pet Rider - "Does it Work?"

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Are you tired of your pups shedding on and clawing up your car seat?  If so, you may be a candidate for the Pet Rider Seat Cover.  It covers your car seat to protect from pet odors, scratches, shedding and more if it works as promised.

The Pet Rider is made of a canvas like material with a water resistant backing.  The edges are reinforced with fabric.  There are two adjustable straps for use in securing the top to your headrests.  Two Velcro holes open to make room for seatbelts.  Finally, a zipper opens so it can fit around your center console if needed.

Melissa Johnson cute pups Cami and Abbi have an endless supply of love and hair to share.  She reluctantly admits that you can easily tell she has dogs when you looking in her car.  They shed everywhere and the hair is difficult to keep up with.

So with a freshly cleaned back seat in her SUV, she's ready to install the Pet Rider.  It seems simple enough as she begins to slide the top loops around the headrest.  She slides the next loop over the second headrest.  Then she opens the Velcro to access the seatbelts.

Melissa sees an issue with the seat belts holes adding, "It doesn't quite fit with my seat belt."

Melissa finds a way to make it work using the center seatbelt clasp instead of the end clasp.  All in all, she's installs the Pet Rider in less than a minute.

"There we go.  It looks like it fit pretty well.  I'm actually kind of surprised it fit so well in the back of my car," says Melissa.

Now let's see how well the dogs take to this new surface in their favorite riding spot.  Melissa lifts up Abbi into the seat and she sits right down on the Pet Rider.

Melissa says, "She doesn't seem fazed by it.  She's sitting down like normal."

Melissa leaves in the Pet Rider for an entire week to see what kind of mess Cami and Abbi can make of it.  After some time in the pond at the park, the pups hop right in and onto the Pet Rider and use it to dry off!  We didn't see that suggestion on the box, bet she's happy they like it.  Looking underneath after the dogs soaked it, no water makes it through to the leather seats.

Finally, with the dogs giving it a full week of wear and tear Melissa returns with a verdict.

"It was completely clean before I put this in here," says Melissa as she lifts the Pet Rider from the seat, "There's a few stray hairs every once in a while but when you see how much my dogs shed, you would probably give this a thumbs up too."

Melissa cautions that hairs will slide off the Pet Rider onto the floor board, but otherwise it's a solid product if it fits in your car.  So, the Pet Rider is dog tested and owner approved, earning a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

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