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Helpful links for last minute tax filers


As the final stretch of the 2012 tax filing season unfolds, there are still hundreds of thousands of Alabamians who have still not filed.  The filing deadline is April 17th.  Here are some helpful websites for last minute filing tips and for tracking your refund once you've filed.

The IRS is on twitter and tax filers can follow IRS News.  Simply search for irsnews on twitter, and look for their black and white logo.  Their tweets have included links to podcasts about filing, commonly overlooked tax credits and how you can get in touch with volunteers who will prepare you taxes free of charge.

The IRS also has a twitter feed for tax professionals, @irstaxpros.

In addition to twitter, the IRS provides additional social media tools, including YouTube videos, to help tax payers before the deadline.

The IRS also offers the option to file your taxes online, via E-File, which is free.


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