Class Act: Trinity Presbyterian - Montgomery Alabama news.

Class Act: Trinity Presbyterian

She teaches third grade at Trinity Presbyterian School in Montgomery.  And when Cindy Gibbons was a little girl, that's what she dreamed of doing.    "Growing up I used to play school and that's what I wanted to do," Gibbons said.

Mrs. Gibbons has taught at Trinity for four years and spent 11 years overall in the classroom.  For her third grade is the perfect fit.  "I enjoy that they are a little more mature, good readers and excited about everything we do."

One of her students nominated her for the Class Act award.  Third grader Caroline Love says Mrs. Gibbons is nice, easy to understand, and doesn't overload them with homework.  "She's such a great teacher, I felt like I really needed to do something for her because I really love her," Love said.   Mrs. Gibbons says this is quite an honor.  "This is the greatest reward of teaching.  I love what I do and want them to love learning too."

Congratulations Mrs. Cindy Gibbons from Trinity School in Montgomery.  You're a real Class Act.

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