Saggy pants land man in jail - - Montgomery Alabama news.

Saggy pants land man in jail -

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Tonight, our top story - how a man charged with receiving stolen property found himself in jail for a completely different charge.  It seems as though the man was given three days in the Autauga County Jail for having saggy pants.  Reporter Samuel King will tell you why the judge took the action - finding the man in contempt of court.

We'll check with authorities in Sanford, Florida where George Zimmerman has now been charged with 2nd degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin.

A full house today for a legislative committee's hearing on proposals to alter Alabama's tough new immigration law.  Most of the people who spoke were in favor of scrapping the plan altogether.

The MVP of the BCS National Championship after the 2010 season was in court in Lee County today.  Auburn running back Michael Dyer testified about former teammates who are on trial facing robbery, burglary and theft of property charges.

And in Montgomery it's a good idea to lock your cars.  Despite being down 24% in the first quarter, vehicle break-in's spiked in March.  We'll talk with a MPD officer who has some common sense tips that can keep your name off the victims list.

Plus a very chilly morning forecast from Rich Thomas.

See you on the set at 10.

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