Making progress on new eastside high school - - Montgomery Alabama news.

Making progress on new eastside high school -

A lot to get done in a short time -

The Montgomery County School Board announced the creation of a "tech prep" school...which should open in a month.  It will teach traditional skills like carpentry and plumbing.  Members also reviewed the progress of the new east side high school tentatively called "Park Crossing High School."

All eyes in Washington and around the world were on North Korea late today when the government launched a rocket it claimed was going to place a satellite into orbit.  The rocket flew for about a minute before falling from the sky.  There are widespread concerns that this type of rocket could be used to deliver a nuclear warhead over a long distance - even to the U.S.

It's called "Take Back The Night" and it was held at the state capitol tonight.  People showed up to support victims of sexual assault.  We were there for the story.

And, when it comes to taxpayers who file their federal and state income tax returns electronically.  In our story, we'll show you just how easy and thorough the process can be.

Plus a cool start to the weekend...another round of temperatures in the low 40's around these parts!

Hope you'll join us...tonight at 10 on WSFA 12 News.

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