Opelika Teacher is a Class Act

So you think you're having a busy year? Check out what second graders are learning in Gail Pope's classroom at Southview Primary School in Opelika. "When they come to us they're in their basic reading stage. They've got most of their phonics down, we build on those phonics and teach them to read longer words. How to use those words in context. In math we go from basic addition all the way to division, which is a long way. We teach fractions and geometry their basic shapes which is what they're working on today, space and shape relationships. In social studies about the community, the state and the national government," says Pope.

She says second graders are eager to learn, eager to come to school and love the teacher. She believes all children can learn, and that it's important to teach the whole child. Principal Annette Owen says, "Ms. Pope is just an extremely organized teacher. She makes learning fun in her classroom. There's always something fun going on in Ms. Pope's classroom. She does an outstanding job with all of her children. She really teaches her kids as if they were her very own."

Pope was co-chair of Southview's accreditation committee, when the school's accreditation was up for renewal. She was recently selected as the teacher of the year for Southview and elementary school teacher of the year for the Opelika city schools.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell