Triple Homicide In Lee County

In this season of renewal, Tim Hicks and his wife are planting the seeds of a new beginning in the Beauregard community; a new home, a new town, and just recently married.

"We wanted to move to the country and enjoy the quiet," says Hicks.

Ironically, the couple moved to Beauregard to get away from crime in the big city. They had no way of knowing that something terrible would happen so close to home. Three young men were found dead near their 4 wheelers about a mile away in wooded area.

"It makes you a little nervous but you can't let fear run your life," says Hicks.

The sheer brutality of the crime took place a quarter of a mile behind a home off Lee County Road 401.

"This is a major shock for this area," says Sheriff Jay Jones.

The victims are 19-year old William Stephens, 24-year old Daniel Foster, and 25-year old Jason Barr. They were good friends, enjoying a spring time ride in the woods with their 4 wheelers. All found shot to death.

"We do not have a motive. The property owner is not a suspect in regards to the case at this time," says Sheriff Jones.

Tim Hicks wasn't the only one thinking about what happened. Auburn University and 8 SEC schools cycled their way through a grueling road race not far from the crime scene. During the race, Nick Angus thought about the people who died, and the person who did this, the killer who's still on the run.

"I kept looking for anything suspicious, anyone riding a 4 wheeler but I never saw it," says Angus, who by the way won his race.

It's now 24 hours after the bodies were found. Investigators say they have a few leads, but that's about it.

"At this time we don't have any definite ideas whether it was one or several individuals at this point," says Sheriff Jones.

The bodies were taken to forensics. It was a relative of one of the victims who actually discovered the bodies. Sheriff Jones says that relative is not a suspect.

If you have any information that would help investigators in this case, call the Lee County Sheriff's Department at 334-749-5651.

Lee County Coroner Bill Harris says he can't recall the count having a triple homicide ever since he took over as deputy coroner back in 1986.