The Hermans and the Power of Prayer

Lisa Herman prays for her family frequently, especially for her children. "I learned from a lady who is a prayer warrior how to plead the blood of Jesus over my children every day, and I did that every morning and night, says Lisa.

Her husband, Greg, also believes in prayer. He says God often reminds him, "...when it's tough you have to rely on Me and if you rely on Me, I'll get you through this."

But two years ago this family came face to face with the power of prayer when a family vacation turned into a nightmare.

Greg Herman explains, "We had taken a train from St. Paul to Chicago and we left Chicago that Monday night, March 15th, 1999. " The Amtrak train they were on derailed 50 miles outside Chicago after hitting an eighteen wheeler loaded with steel. The sleeper car they were in was split in two by the locomotive. "We turned sideways. We were airborne at one point. I could not get to Christine. When I tried to, I was slammed against one wall."

Lisa Herman says, "We were tossed all around in the train and three was just broken metal everywhere and Katlyn and David were screaming."

The couple was separated, Greg and their oldest Kristen struggled to find their way out. Lisa and the two youngest, Katlyn and David did the same. All were praying. "I was just calling to Jesus and saying his name out loud. He was the only one that could help me. I felt like I opened a dialogue with the Lord. You can say that you pray but I was carrying on a conversation with Him, asking Him what I'm supposed to do."

Greg found a way out through a window. He got Kristen to safety and began searching for the rest of his family. Greg relates, "Kristen asked me where her mother, brother, and sister were and I did not think they had made it. "Probably after a few minutes but it seemed like an eternity a man appeared in the window," remarks Lisa.

That's when Lisa and the other children did make it. They were helped out by someone on the scene and reunited with Greg. "The reality of what had just happened hits ya.., " says Greg.

The reality was prayers were answered and the Hermans made it out, unlike 11 others killed in their car. Lisa says now when she looks at her children, she knows her frequent prayer for their protection is not in vain, "I just prayed the Lord would protect them and He showed me. He answered my prayer."

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