A Double Blessing and the Power of Prayer

Brenda Summersgill has always dreamed about having a family. She has always wanted a child to call her own, "I was probably about 16 years old and I knew I wanted to be a mother worse than anything in the world."

But her world came crashing down soon after she married Ken, that's when the unforgettable news came. "The doctor had told us that there was a one in a thousand chance that I would ever have a child and that being the greatest desire of my heart, I just could not deal with that."

And to make matters worse, Brenda and Ken could not afford fertility tests or drugs so they turned to the places they felt could make a difference, church and prayer.

"We just kept praying and we had a lot of people at our church praying (including) our pastor and his wife. At one point I said God I believe you gave me this desire, but if you're not going to give me children, please take this away."

But the desire did not go away so the couple kept praying for children and Brenda did not give up hope. "One day I was reading and I have it circled in my bible. It is Psalms 113:9 and it says "The Lord makes the barren woman the joyful mother of children."

And Brenda says after five years, that's what He did. He blessed her and Ken with Carmen. "I knew in the long run we would eventually (have a child) but we just had to wait on His time."

But what the couple calls a miracle did not stop there, because six years later Shelton arrived. "I know that it was the months and years of praying. God had a time and He knew exactly when was the right time." Carmen is now 18 and Shelton is 13. The couple says their daily lives are busier than ever. But, this is exactly what Brenda prayed for, "God just answered my prayer, He gave me what I wanted."

The Summersgills say prayer still plays a huge part in their lives. The couple uses their experience as a testimony to others telling them prayers and faith can take you a long way.

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