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Tax day freebies

Many restaurants offer freebies on tax deadline day, which this year, is Tuesday, April 17th.  You many have to jump through a few social media hoops to get some of the deals.

You can go to Arby's Facebook page for a coupon for a free order of curly fries.  The coupon for a bargain on bagels is on Bruegger's page.  By liking Panda Express on Facebook, you will get a free serving of its shanghai Angus steak.  Seattle's Best Coffee has a free coffee available on its page.  Firehouse Subs is using Facebook to get word out about its tax day "double the meat" deal.  Chili's website, however is where you go for a coupon for free appetizer or dessert .

Not every deal requires a download, just a trip to the store.  For example, Office Depot is offering anyone who comes by today or tomorrow up to five pounds of free shedding as well as 25 free black and white copies of anything.  A trip to Maggiemoo's Ice Cream or Marble Slab Creamery pays off with a free scoop of frozen yogurt from 4:00 until 7:00 p.m. Tuesday.  And P. F. Chang's is giving a 15% discount on dine-in and carry-out orders to ease the sting of tax day.

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