Life and Death and the Power of Prayer

Guy and Jessie Crawford have been married 52 years. "We're more than husband and wife, we hold hands and walk around the lake." Jesse says her husband is her best friend, "When I want to make decisions on anything I get his opinions because usually they are pretty good. I depend on him a lot."

But a month ago, the couple faced a startling fear. A car accident at a Montgomery intersection almost took Guy Crawford's life. "The air bags came out and hit me in the chest and I could not get a breath hardly. I was losing my breath," recalls Guy.

Trapped in his car, Guy waited for the ambulance. All the while he was praying for God's protection. "What I was saying was please, please someone come to my rescue. God help me."

Guy says while waiting he also remembered this verse in the Bible, "My help comes from the Lord, who made heavan and earth." "There was no doubt God was with me, no doubt about it," says Guy.

When Guy got to the hospital, he called Jesse who also started praying. "I said Lord have mercy, help us, help us to get through this." The couple says they did get through it much better than expected. Guy had no broken bones, just internal bruises. They both know it could have been much worse. People say, "You're really lucky to be alive," said Guy.

But the Crawford's say it wasn't luck. "I said to myself, there's a God somewhere."

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