Opp Teacher is a Class Act

Almost every square foot of Pam Hugghins classroom at South Highlands Elementary in Opp is filled with some sort of learning material. For the past 19 years she's laid the educational foundation for first graders.

Hugghins says, "I guess there's still enough child in me that I enjoy jumping in and doing the same activities that they enjoy doing. And when first graders come to you they don't know a whole lot, but by the time they leave at the end of the year you can see a lot of progress and it makes you feel good to know you had a part in that."

Hugghins spent the first five years of her teaching career working with students in other grades. Now with nearly a quarter century of classroom experience, she still attends special seminars on the latest teaching techniques. Principal Glenda Presley says of Hugghins, "she keeps up to date with all of the new strategies and keeps new ideas in her bag of tricks. And you'll find she's a leader among her peers; and they look to her for guidance and experience and ideas as well."

Hugghins is South Highlands Elementary's teacher of the year. The school is also proud that she's this week's class act. Hugghins serves on the school's textbook committee and with a group that helps other teachers improve in the classroom.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell