Careers and Gears Expo - Montgomery Alabama news.

Careers and Gears Expo

An interesting event in Montgomery tonight called Careers and Gears. It was created by the Public Schools to showcase the proposed Tech Prep High School.  We'll have a full report on the great turnout and the excitement about an alternative to a traditional classroom setting.

The Alabama House of Representatives has revised the immigration law - clarifying some issues.  But not everyone's happy with the alterations.  We'll run down the full story coming up at 10.

Here's a story you don't hear very often.  Three men are in jail - accused in the fatal shooting of a six year old child.  We'll explain how it happened.

With the death of a Butler County was an Alzheimer's patient, people are talking about the difficulties in dealing with aging relatives with dementia.  We'll explore those concerns and offer some proven advice.  

And Rich updates the IMPROVING weekend weather forecast.

See you on the set at 10.

Bob Howell

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