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Oil Spill Anniversary

It's been two years since the Deep Horizon oil rig explosion that started the worst environmental disaster in world history.  Tonight at 10, we'll talk with a marine biologist about reports of sick marine life near the rig site.  And, we'll talk with a seafood store about how business is back - and better than before the spill.

Here's another story that's going to get some parents of school kids hot under the collar.  The legislature is working to alter the dates school starts and ends in Alabama. While giving school boards the option of longer school days - some systems may choose to have shorter holidays to make sure kids have enough time in the classroom.

A Montgomery teacher is one of 25 in the country selected for a prestigious summer scholars session in Chicago.  We'll introduce you and tell you why this is a significant honor.

And, a group called "Bridge Builders Alabama" held a banquet tonight to promote poverty awareness.

Plus a tricky forecast when it comes to the chance of rain tomorrow.

I hope you'll join us at 10.

See you on the set!

Bob Howell

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