Mississippi Man Taken Hostage in Iraq

A memorial service is held in Macon
A memorial service is held in Macon

It's a tense wait for relatives of the Mississippi truck driver who's been taken hostage in Iraq. The deadline set by his captors has passed and there's no word on the fate of Thomas Hamill.

The 43-year-old from Macon, Mississippi, was kidnapped when his convoy was attacked. His truck was carrying fuel for the U.S. military. His captors have threatened to kill him unless U.S. troops end their offensive in the city of Fallujah.

Hamill's wife says the family doesn't know anything at this point, and is asking for prayers. His grandmother tells a local newspaper, "I trust in God." A prayer vigil was held in the family's hometown Sunday night.

Hamill was captured on camera during the incident by Australian journalists. He was later seen in a video taken by the hostage takers and aired on Arab television. His kidnapping is one in a string of abductions of foreign workers in Iraq.