Prattville City Councilman Speaks Out Since Nasty Incident With Police Officer

"If we differ I'm gonna tell you," says Prattville City Councilman Bobby Carter. He says he prides himself on telling it like it is.

"I'm a stern believer in right and wrong," he says.

And Carter is convinced he was right that day when got into it with a Prattville cop more than 2 weeks ago. "I used foul language which I rather not repeat," he says.

The story begins when this first term councilman was driving his 18-wheeler on Highway 14 near Interstate 65. In Carter's mirror, red and blue lights.

"So I'm thinking he's part of that funeral procession ahead of me," Carter recalls.

At that point, the officer cuts in front of Carter's truck. "The guy that was with me, we both said the officer was ticked off about something," says Carter.

Sgt. Dexter Emmanuel then asked Carter for his driver's license and proof of insurance. Carter claims the trouble started when Emmanuel never told him why he pulled him over.

"I said, 'officer, what did I do?' He said, 'never mind what you did. I started getting aggravated by then," says Carter.

One thing led to another, and the next thing Carter knew, he exploded. "I'm not embarrassed about the words I used. I meant everything said," says Carter.

There is an audio tape of most of the conversation. Last week city officials declined to release it. Today, the Prattville Police Department still refuses to release the audio tape. It belongs to the officer, they argue, not the city.

Mayor Jim Byard said at the time when we did the original story that Sgt. Emmanuel did nothing wrong. "It appears from what I understand he did everything correctly," says Mayor Byard.

Councilman's Carter encounter with Sgt. Emmanuel actually ended with a handshake, a smile and believe it or not, no ticket.

WSFA: "Why do you think you weren't given a ticket?" Carter responded, "I didn't do anything wrong."

But what about all that cursing? Carter didn't really answer the question of whether the average person could have gotten away with it.

Meantime, the councilman plans to introduce a resolution in the next few weeks, calling for additional training for Prattville police officers. Mayor Byard says there's no need for more training. Last year, for instance, officers received a minimum of 48 hours of training. That includes one class on handling traffic violators. Those 48 hours add up to far more than what the Police Officers Standard and Training Commission requires.

Carter claims he was never told the reason why he was pulled over, but we learned Sgt. Emmanuel saw the back of Carter's truck zig-zagging on the highway. Carter says he had to drive that way because of the sharp curves on Highway 14.